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The Certification Connection is an online Directory that searches for professionals who are certified by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in one or more credentialing areas:


     - CFCS:  Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (Broad Field)
     - CFCS-HDFS:  Certified in Human Development and Family Studies
     - CFCS-HNFS:  Certified in Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Science
     - CPFFE:  Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator
     - CNWE: Certified Nutrition and Wellness Educator


The “Certification Connection” was developed to offer a tool for the public to locate and access credentialed professionals and also allow certified professionals to connect with others who are certified.  Please note that this database is not a complete list of all who hold AAFCS certifications, just those who have opted to use this verification/referral service.


You may search by geographic location, name of professional, certification, or practice setting. 


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For general questions about the “Certification Connection” Directory or if you encounter technical difficulty, please contact AAFCS at