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The FCS Research Connection is an online directory of scholars and researchers involved in research interests associated/related to the Family and Consumer Sciences profession.  The “Research Connection” was developed to offer a tool for researchers involved in academic research to self-identify and then connect with other researchers who share similar interests.  As the directory grows, it will provide access to information about the range of available expertise in FCS content-related research.

The Directory identifies scholars/researchers by name, academic institution, content focus area, and preferred research interests and methodologies.   Scholars/researchers may choose to provide detailed contact information and a link to the researcher’s main web site. To ensure the integrity of the directory, each researcher has submitted the information added in the Directory’s fields and the submitted profiles have been reviewed/approved by AAFCS.  


This directory is intended for legitimate use by FCS content-related  researchers and their colleagues. Any commercial or other unsanctioned use is prohibited.



You may search by geographic location (state or zip code), name of researcher/scholar, content focus area, or research key words.

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